BizBee File Merger     
BizBee File Merger is the next version of JS Text file merger with additional features and improvements. This is a simple software tool to merge multiple text files as the users require. This is a very helpful tool for data stewards, data analysts, statisticians, database developers and database administrators. The features includes
  • Supports only the text file merges
  • Supports any text file type
  • Have the feature to filter the files by given file types making it very easy for file browsing and selection
  • The file size is unlimited as long as the memory limitations are met
  • No limit on number of records merged
  • Can choose data files from different folders in the computer
  • Can set the merging order after selection
  • Easy to use and simple user interface
Apart from the above listed uses, it is very easy and simple to use. The text data can be merged without any data loss very quickly. This will eliminate spending of hours merging data files. This tool will be really handy with larger files since it is not possible to open and merge manually larger files. For example if we have 3 data files each of 1 GB in size, we will not have (or rarely find) a text file editor with which one can open these files and merge manually. BizBee File merger make this task very simple and quick. This is also helpful when one has many files to merge as well. When you have multiple files, there may be a chance to merge one file twice as well. In this case BizBee File Merger frees you from making careless mistakes. The tool comes with the compact user guide that helps the users do the things right with BizBee File Merger.
License : Freeware
The product is licensed as Freeware. The product is fully functional. The users can download, install and use.
Supported platforms
This tool is a windows application and needs Microsoft .Net Frame work 2.0 to run. It should work under all Windows Operating system after Windows 2000 Home edition. Microsoft .Net Frame work 2.0 can be downloaded and installed from
  BizBee File Merger                     

Dont like free stuff?
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